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Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Forms

Name Description Size Type Download
Form A1 Application for Amendment in the Registration Certificate under VAT 608.7 KB pdf
Form - C Form of Declaration for Retirement from Partnership 393 KB pdf
Form - D Certificate of Registration 83.5 KB pdf
Form - E Form of declaration of Manager / Executor / Administrator / Legal Representative of business 293.8 KB pdf
Form - F Form of security to be filed before the registering authority 291.5 KB pdf
Form - G Form of bank guarantee for stay of collection of tax, fee or other amount disputed 294.8 KB pdf
Form - H Form of production-cum-stock register to be maintained by the manufacturer 296.3 KB pdf
Form - AA Form of memorandum of cross objection 441 KB pdf
Form - BB Form of application for review to the Appellate Tribunal 441.3 KB pdf
Form - CC Form of disallowance of input tax credit / enhancement petition / petition for restoration before the Appellate Tribunal 292.2 KB pdf
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