Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
Circular No.28 (2018)_2019-TNGST Circulars clarifying miscellaneous issues related to SEZ and refund of untilised ITC for job workers - Regarding. 29/03/2019
Circular No.3 (2017)_2019-TNGST System based reconciliation of information furnished in FORM GSTR-1 and FORM GSTR-2 with FORM GSTR-3B - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.4 (2017)_2019-TNGST Officer authorised for enrolling or rejecting application for Goods and Services Tax Practitioner - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.5 (2017)_2019-TNGST Clarification on taxability of printing contracts - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.6 (2017)_2019-TNGST Clarification regarding applicability of GST on the superior kerosene oil (SKO) retained for the manufacture of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.7 (2017)_2019-TNGST Clarification on Unstitched Salwar Suits - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.8 (2017)_2019-TNGST Procedure regarding procurement of supplies of goods from DTA by Export Oriented Unit (EOU) / Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) Unit / Software Technology Park (STP) Unit / Bio-Parks (BTP) Unit under deemed export benefits under section 147 of SGST Act, 2017 - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.9 (2017)_2019-TNGST Due date for generation of FORM GSTR-2A and FORM GSTR-A1 in accordance with the extension of due date for filing FORM GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 respectively - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.10 (2017)_2019-TNGST Clarifications regarding applicability of GST and availability of ITC in respect of certain services - Regarding. 28/03/2019
Circular No.11 (2017)_2019-TNGST Clarification on refund of unutilized input tax credit of GST paid on inputs in respect of exporters of fabrics - Regarding. 28/03/2019