Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
Circular No.64_2019 Clarifications on refund related issues under GST - Reg. 23/04/2019
Circular No.65_2019 Clarifications on Verification of applications for grant of new registration - Reg. 23/04/2019
Circular No.66_2019 Clarification in respect of transfer of input tax credit in case of death of sole proprietor - Reg. 23/04/2019
Circular No.67_2019 Clarification regarding exercise of option to pay tax under notification No.2/2019 - CT (R) dt.07.03.2019 - Reg. 23/04/2019
Circular No.42 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarification on certain issues related to refund - regarding. 23/04/2019
Circular No.43 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications of issues under GST related to casual taxable person and recovery of excess Input Tax Credit distributed by an Input Service distributor - regarding. 23/04/2019
Circular No.44 (2018)_2019-TNGST Circular to clarify the procedure in respect of return of time expired drugs or medicines - regarding. 23/04/2019
Circular No.45 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications on Scope of principal and agent relationship under Schedule I of TNGST Act, 2017 in the context of del-credere agent - Regarding. 23/04/2019
Circular No.46 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications on collection of tax at source by Tea Board of India - Regarding. 23/04/2019
Circular No.47 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarification on certain issues related to GST - Regarding. 23/04/2019