Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
CCT Notfn 1 2024_R3B Extension-SouthDistricts_06012024 CCT Notification issued by Commissioner of State Tax, under TNGST Act 2017 & TNGST Rules 2017 No. 1/2024 TNGST ON 05.01.2024 08/01/2024
CCT NOTIFICATION NO.03 2023 DATED 18122023 Notification issued by CCT under TNGST ACT 2017 TNGST RULES 2017 NO.3 2023 DATED 18122023 18/12/2023
Circular No.18_2023 Clarification on refund related issues - Regarding 16/11/2023
Circular No.19_2023 Prescribing manner of filing an application for refund by unregistered persons - regarding 16/11/2023
Circular No.13_2023 TNGST TNGST Act, 2017 - Conduct of inspection under Section 67 of the Act - Power to Adjudicate as a result of inspection - instructions issued - certain addendum to the Circular issued - Regarding 01/10/2023
CCT Circular No.16_2023 TNGST Clarification regarding GST rates and classification of certain goods based on the recommendations of the GST Council in its 50th meeting held on 11th July, 2023 - Regarding 21/08/2023
CCT Circular No.17_2023 TNGST Clarifications regarding applicability of GST on certain services - Regarding 21/08/2023
CCT Notification No.2 of 2023 TNGST 170823 Notification issued by Commissioner of State Tax under TNGST ACT 2017 AND TNGST RULES 2017 NO 2/2023 TNGST 17082023 17/08/2023
CCT Circular No.12_2023 TNGST Clarification on taxability of shares held in a subsidiary company by the holding company 14/08/2023
CCT Circular No.13_2023 TNGST Clarification on refund related issues 14/08/2023