Vision, Mission, Strategy & Values



We have a simple, progressive and fair tax policy with efficient and transparent tax administration contributing to  prosperity and economic growth in Tamil Nadu.


       We shall realise our Vision by :

  • Formulating progressive and fair tax policies
  • Collecting revenue efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Delivering courteous, prompt and effective service to taxpayers
  • Promoting voluntary compliance through effective taxpayer education and communications
  • Enforcing tax laws with rigor, fairness and transparency
  • Building a motivated and professional workforce

         To fulfill our Mission, :

  • We shall enhance ease of doing business by simplifying tax laws, rates and business processes
  • We shall promote compliance by building effective IT systems that are transparent and reliable
  • We shall promote compliance through a comprehensive communications and outreach program that instils awareness amongst business and consumers on tax compliance and curb tax evasion.
  • We shall substantially focus on human resource development with special emphasis on knowledge, attitude and skills of every employee to build a professional workforce that ensures ethics, rigor, fairness and transparency in tax administration
  • We shall treat every employee with dignity and respect and redress genuine grievances promptly to enable high levels of motivation and commitment.
  • We shall promote and undertake research and analysis in value added taxation, including studies related to economy, technology, tax legislation and business processes in order to enable evidence based tax policy and improve tax administration
  • We shall improve efficiency of tax collections by improving business processes, optimising manpower deployment and other process innovations
Core Values

        We are committed to work with:

  • Integrity - We discharge our duties truthfully, honestly and transparently
  • Professionalism  - We are committed to the highest professional and personal standards.
  • Accountability - We are responsible for our actions and outcomes
  • Responsiveness  - We shall provide services to taxpayers and other stakeholders with courtesy, promptness and efficiency.
  • Fairness - We shall administer laws with consistency, honesty and impartiality.
  • Efficiency - We shall use official time and resources sparingly
  • Trust   - We implicitly believe in the honesty of taxpayers and voluntary compliance, till proved otherwise.
  • Innovation - We encourage new ideas, methods, processes and practices
  • Collaboration - We work together with stakeholders and partners to achieve common goals including voluntary compliance
  • Team work - We shall work together as vibrant teams to achieve our Vision