Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
Circular No.36 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications on Recovery of arrears of wrongly availed CENVAT credit under the existing law and inadmissible transitional credit - Regarding. 05/04/2019
Circular No.37 (2018)_2019-TNGST clarification on refund related issues - Regarding. 05/04/2019
Circular No.38 (2018)_2019-TNGST E-way bill in case of storing of goods in godown of transporter - regarding. 05/04/2019
Circular No.39 (2018)_2019-TNGST Levy of GST on Priority Sector Lending Certificates (PSLC) - Regarding. 05/04/2019
Circular No.40 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications regarding GST on Residential programmes or camps meant for advancement of religion, spirituality or yoga by religious and charitable trusts - Regarding. 05/04/2019
Circular No.41 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications on Processing of Applications for Cancellation of Registration submitted in FORM GST REG-16 - regarding. 05/04/2019
Notification No.3_2019 GST - Tamil Nadu Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 - e-way bills - Instructions - Regarding. 02/04/2019
Circular No.15 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications regarding levy of TNGST on accommodation services, betting and gambling in casinos, horse racing, admission to cinema, home stays, printing, legal services etc. - Regarding. 29/03/2019
Circular No.16 (2018)_2019-TNGST Clarifications regarding GST on College Hostel Mess Fees - Regarding. 29/03/2019
Circular No.17 (2018__2019-TNGST Clarification regarding applicability of TNGST on polybutylene feedstock and Liquefied Petroleum Gas retained for the manufacture of Poly Iso Butylene and Propylene or D-butyl para Cresol - Regarding. 29/03/2019