Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
CCT Circular No.8_2023 TNGST Clarification on charging of interest under section 50(3) of the TNGST Act, 2017, in cases of wrong availment of IGST credit and reversal thereof - Regarding 14/08/2023
CCT Circular No.9_2023 TNGST Clarification to deal with difference in Input Tax Credit (ITC) availed in FORM GSTR-3B as compared to that detailed in FORM GSTR-2A for the period 01.04.2019 to 31.12.2021 - Regarding 14/08/2023
CCT Circular No.10_2023 TNGST Clarification on TCS liability under Sec.52 of the TNGST Act, 2017 in case of multiple E-commerce Operators in one transaction - Regarding 14/08/2023
CCT Circular No.11_2023 TNGST Clarification on availability of ITC in respect of warranty replacement of parts and repair services during warranty period - Regarding 14/08/2023
CCT Notification No. 1 of 2023 TNGST 01082023 Notification issued by Commissioner of State Tax under TNGST ACT 2017 AND TNGST RULES 2017 NO 1/2023 TNGST 01082023 01/08/2023
Circular - Functions of Roving Squad dated 21.06.2023 TNGST Act, 2017 - Functions of Roving Squad - certain clarifications requested regarding Bill to Ship To - representation received from telecom service providers regarding declaration of Additional Place of Business - Instructions issued - Regarding. 21/06/2023
Circular No.11_2023_conduct of inspection TNGST At, 2017 - conduct of inspection under Section 67 of the Act - Power to adjudicate as a result of inspection - certain instructions - circular issued - certain modification to the Circular - issued - Regarding 27/05/2023
Circular No.10_2023 No Due Certificate TNGST Act, 2017 - Tender documents - Contractors applying for 'No Due Certificate' from Department for submission of application for Contract/Tenders - procedure to be followed - certain instructions issued - Regarding 26/05/2023
CCT Circular No.7_2023 TNGST Clarification regarding GST rate and classification of 'Rab' based on the recommendation of the GST Council in its 49th meeting held on 18th February,2023 - Regarding. 29/04/2023
CCT Circular No.5_2023 TNGST Clarification regarding GST rates and classification of certain goods based on the recommendations of the GST Council in its 48th meeting held on 17th Decemeber, 2022 - regarding 28/03/2023