Notifications by CCT

Subject Description Download Publish Date
Circular No.88-2019-TNGST Withdrawal of Circular No.77/2019-TNGST dated 05.07.2019 - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.89-2019-TNGST Clarification regarding GST rates and classification (Goods) - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.90-2019-TNGST Clarification on scope of support services to exploration, mining or drilling of petroleum crude or natural gas or both - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.91-2019-TNGST Clarification on issue of GST on Airport levies - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.92-2019-TNGST Levy of GST on the service of display of name or placing of name plates of the donor in the premises of charitable Organisations receiving donation or gifts from individual donors - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.93-2019-TNGST Clarification on applicability of GST exemption to the DG Shipping approved maritime courses conducted by Maritime Training Institutes of India - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.94-2019-TNGST Clarification regarding determination of place of supply in case of software/design services related to Electronics Semi-conductor and Design Manufacturing (ESDM) industry - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.95-2019-TNGST Clarification regarding taxability of supply of securities under Securities Lending Scheme, 1997 - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.96-2019-TNGST Clarification on the effective date of explanation inserted in notification No.II(2)/CTR/662(a-5)/2018 dated 26.07.2018, (Issue No.267) - Regarding. 20/12/2019
Circular No.97-2019-TNGST GST on license fee charged by the States for grant of Liquor licenses to vendors - Regarding. 20/12/2019