Integrated Tax

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11-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 13-10-2017 Seeks to cross-empower State Tax officers for processing and grant of refund 13/10/2017
07-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 14-09-2017 Granting exemption from registration to job-workers making inter-State supply of services to a registered person from the requirement of obtaining registration 14/09/2017
08-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 14-09-2017 Granting exemption to a person making inter-State taxable supplies of handicraft goods from the requirement to obtain registration 14/09/2017
03-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 28-06-2017 Seeks to bring into force certain sections of the IGST Act, 2017 w.e.f 01.07.2017 28/06/2017
04-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 28-06-2017 Seeks to notify IGST Rules, 2017 28/06/2017
05-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 28-06-2017 Seeks to notify the number of HSN digits required on tax invoice 28/06/2017
06-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 28-06-2017 Seeks to prescribe rate of interest under CGST Act, 2017 28/06/2017
01-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 19-06-2017 Seeks to bring certain sections of the IGST Act, 2017 into force w.e.f. 22.06.2017 19/06/2017
02-2017-Integrated Tax,dt. 19-06-2017 Seeks to empower the Principal Commissioner of Central Tax, Bengaluru West to grant registration in case of online information and database access or retrieval services provided or agreed to be provided by a person located in non-taxable territory and received by a non-taxable online recipient. 19/06/2017
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