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Gazette Notification No.217 Ordinance No.4 Others TAMIL NADU ORDINANCE No.4 OF 2020 - An Ordinance further to amend the Tamil Nadu Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017- Notification issued. 23/05/2020 pdf
Gazette No.179_2020 Others TN VAT - Notification under the Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act, 2006 - Amendment to Notification - (G.O Ms.No.83, CT & R (B1), 3rd May, 2020) - Notification - Issued. 03/05/2020 pdf
G.O. (Ms.) No.83 Others Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act, 2006 - Amendments to the Second Schedule of the Act - Notification - Issued. 03/05/2020 pdf
G.O. (D). No. 4 Others Waiver - Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 - Export quota sales not covered by 'C' Form - Tax assessed under CST Act for the assessment years 1990-91, 1991-1992, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 - supplementary waiver of an amount of Rs.29,77,152/- towards the inter-sate sales of REP License/Export quota in respect of 26 dealers of Trichy Division - Orders - Issued. 03/01/2020 pdf
Gazette No.416 (2019) Others TNVAT Act, 2006 - Reduction in rate of tax on sale of Aviation Turbine Fuel to domestic freighter aircrafts - Gazette notifications issued. (G.O. Ms. No.175, CT and R (B2), 4th November 2019) 04/11/2019 pdf
G.O (Ms.) No.175 Others Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act, 2006 - REDUCTION IN RATE OF TAX ON SALE OF AVIATION TURBINE FUEL TO DOMESTIC FREIGHTER AIRCRAFTS - Notifications - Issued. 04/11/2019 pdf
G.O. (Ms.) No.122 Others Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act, 2006 - Reduction in Rate of tax on Aviation Turbine Fuel - Notifications - Issued. 27/08/2019 pdf
G.O (2D) No.8 Others Waiver - Commercial Taxes Department - Waiver of Penal interest levied under section 24(3) of Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Act, 1959 for belated payment of taxes on the sale of flour of pulses and grams payable by 11 dealers in Madurai Division for the period from 01.04.1993 to 31.07.1993 - Orders - Issued. 07/02/2019 pdf
Gazette Notification No.17 Others TNVAT Act, 2006 - Act No.4 of 2019 - An Act further to amend the Value Added Tax Act, 2006 - Amendment to Second Schedule - Foreign Liquors imported to India from Foreign countries - SECOND POINT OF TAX AT 14.5% 14/01/2019 pdf
GO (Ms.) No.356 Entertainment Tax Taxes - Tamil Nadu Entertainment Tax Act, 1939 - Waiver of entertainment tax arrears and penalty thereon amounting to Rs.1,71,773/- payable by the Cable TV Operators as on 31.03.2008 - Orders - Issued. 17/10/2018 pdf