Advance Ruling GST

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Thirumalai Chemicals Limited 1. The value to be adopted in respect of transfer to branches located outside the state. 2. whether the value of such supplies can be determined in terms of the second provisio to Rule 28 in respect of supplies made to distinct units in accordance with clause (4) & (5) of section 25 of the CGST rules, 2017? 18/12/2020 pdf
Bharathiyar University Whether the services provided by the University to its constituent colleges (viz) self-financing and management colleges relating to admission to, or conduct of examination by such institution by way of affiliation fee, registration fee such as 1. Application form fees 2.Application fees 3.Inspection fees 4. Affiliation fee for each course 5. Affiliation fee for each additional section 6. Initial affiliation fee to start an institution 7.Permanent Affiliation fee to the College 8. continuation of affiliation for each course 9. Increase in intake for each course for permanent basis, processing fee & 10. Penal fee for receipt of late application are exempted vide 66 of Notification No,.12/2017 CT (Rate) dated.28.06.2017 19/11/2020 pdf
Tvl Sumeet Facilities Limited What is the classification for supply of services by the Applicant relating to waste collection, segregation, treatment, transportation and disposal services under the service agreements entered with both concessionaries in terms of notification 11/2017- C.T.(Rate) dated 28th June 2017? 2. Whether the activity of waste collection, segregation, treatment, transportation and disposal services carried out by the Applicant under the Service Agreements entered with both concessionaries is exempted from Goods and Services Tax in terms of entry no.3 of the Notification 12/2017- Central Tax (rate) dated 28.06.2017? 03/11/2020 pdf
Tvl Zigma Global Environ Solutions Pvt Ltd 1. Classification of the services viz " Solid waste management - Revamping of existing dumped Garbage in compost yards by Bio -mining process" provided by the applicant to M/s. Erode City Municipal Corporation, Erode? 2. Whether aforesaid services provided by the applicant are exempted under Sl. No. 3 of notifications No. 12/2017 dt: 28.07.2017 as amended? 3. Whether the Erode city Municipal Corporation is liable to deduct TDS as per the provisions of section 51 of CGST Act of TNGST Act, 2017 for the services rendered as state in the application? 21/10/2020 pdf
Tvl S.A. Safiullah & Company 1. Whether the “Nizam Pakku” bought and sold by the Applicant, the manufacturing process of which has been explained by them, is classifiable under Chapter heading 0802 8030 of the Customs Tariff and hence attract 2.5 % CGST as per Sl.No.28 of Schedule I of Notification 1/2017 Central Taxes (Rate) Dt. 28.06.2017 and equal rate of SGST? 21/10/2020 pdf
Tvl ST. Engineering Electronics Ltd Whether rate of tax at 6% CGST, available to Composite supply of works contract as defined in clause(119) of section 2 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 provided by way of construction, erection, commissioning, or installation of original works pertaining to Metro, vide- Notification No. 11/2017 amended vide Notification No.1/2018- Central Tax(rate) dated 25th January 2018 is applicable Applicant rendering the above mentioned services? 29/09/2020 pdf
Tvl Kumaran Oil Mill Whether proportionate claim of input tax credit for procurement of capital goods can be made for power generation business? 28/09/2020 pdf
Tube Investments of India Ltd Whether the activity undertaken by the applicant amounts to supply of goods or supply of services. Whether the activity of building and mounting of the body on the chassis made available by the customers will result in supply of goods or supply of services. 12/05/2020 pdf
Mfar Hotels & Resorts Private Limited 1. What is the rate of tax applicable on the supply of Soft Beverages (Aerated Water) and Tobacco(Smokes) when these items are supplied independently and not as composite supply in the restaurant? In other words what is the rate of GST if these items alone are supplied and not along with food as Composite supply to the guest? 2. Whether supply of liquor is deemed to be the “exempt supply” under GST Act as per Section 2(47) of CGST Act for the purpose of proportionate reversal of ITC as per Rule 42 of CGST Rules 2017? 3. It is obligatory on the part of employer to supply free food to the employees. Whether such free supply of food is liable to reverse ITC on inputs as per Rule 42 of CGST Rules 2017? 12/05/2020 pdf
IIT Madras Alumni Association Whether collecting money by IITMAA from its members and receiving donations/ grants/ subsidies/budgetary support from IIT, Madras to defray expenses incurred towards administering the association and other expenses related to its engagement activities initiated by members themselves amounts to supply or not. Consequently, whether there is any liability to comply with GST law including registration and payment of tax. 12/05/2020 pdf
Chennai Metro Rail Limited Whether leasing of pathway to a person to her/his dwelling unit by CMRL is taxable under GST? 12/05/2020 pdf
SGS India Private Limited Whether the supply of “inspection and testing services” on fresh table grapes is classifiable under entry 9986 of Notification no.11/2017-Central Tax Rate) dated June 28 2017- “Support services to agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry” 12/05/2020 pdf
Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation 1. Whether the supply of educational aids to students such as school bags, footwear, geometry box, wooden color pencils, crayons, woolen sweater to government and government aided schools based on the State Government educational policy for which the consideration is paid to Tamil Nadu text book and Educational Services Corporation by the State government by means of a budgetary allocation constitutes a supply 2. If the answer to the above is in the affirmative then is Tamil Nadu text Book and Educational Services Corporation is entitled to avail of corresponding Input Tax credit on the procurement made 3. Whether the supply of Rain coats, Ankle Boots and Socks to students without consideration to government /Government Aided Schools located in Hilly areas is a supply 4. If the answer to the above is in the affirmative then is Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation is entitled to discharge its tax liability on such outward supplies at Cost + 10% and avail of corresponding Input Tax Credit on the procurement made 5. Whether Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation is eligible for exemption from payment of GST in respect of services it receives from printers engaged by them for printing of text books. 6. Whether the Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation is required to pay GST on Penalty and Liquidated damages levied by them on suppliers due to violation of the contract terms for supply and if so the rate at which such GST is payable 12/05/2020 pdf
Erode Infrastructures Private Limited Whether Upfront lease amount paid to M/s. RLDA for the development of Multi functional complex (Operational building) at Erode railway Junction for Long term lease for 45 years is exempt as per Sl.No. 41 of Notification No. 12/2017 CT(R) dated 28.06.2017 as amended. 12/05/2020 pdf
Tvl Gourmet Popcornica LLP 1.What would be the accurate HSN code and consequently, the rate off GST applicable on pre-mix popcorn maize packed with edible oil and salt? Whether the same can be classified under HSN Heading 2008 and whether the same shall be chargeable to tax at the rate of 12% 2. If so, whether the said rate of Goods and Services Tax rate of 12% is applicable retrospectively with effect from 1st July 2017 04/05/2020 pdf
ICU Medical LLP 1.Whether GST is leviable on the reimbursement of expenses from the Subsidiary Company to its ultimate holding company located in a foreign territory outside India. 2. In case GST is leviable what is the rate of GST applicable to the said reimbursement of expenses? 04/05/2020 pdf
Macro Media Digital Imaging Private Limited 1.Whether the transaction of printing of content provided by the customer, on poly vinyl chloride banners and supply of such printed trade advertisement material is supply of goods.? 2.What is the classification of such trade advertisement material if the transaction is a supply of goods? 3. What is the classification and applicable rate of Central Goods and Services Tax on the supply of such trade advertisement material if the transaction is that of supply of services? 04/05/2020 pdf
INVENTAA LED Lights Private Limited 1.What is the applicable GST Tariff code and GST rate for the supply of patent-applied LED stem (long bulb) with fittings when both are manufactured in the applicant’s factory and supplied as a single unit? 2.Is it a composite supply or a mixed supply? 24/04/2020 pdf
Heavy Vehicles Factory 1. Whether Tank and all Tank parts supplied by the applicant is considered under HSN code “8710000-Tank and other armoured fighting vehicles, motorized, whether or not fitted with weapons and parts of such vehicles”? 2. Whether parts manufactured specifically by applicant for TANK shall be considered under 87100000? 3. Whether parts and accessories supplied by their vendor specifically manufactured for tank parts and the same is not supplied to any other company will come under the HSN 87100000? 4. Whether tank parts of the following shall be considered under 87100000 or not:- O Ring, U Drill, Accumulator Assembly, Adaptor Assembly, Angle piece, Armature Assembly, Armour Steel Plate, Assembly Fixture, Assembly Bracket, Axial Bearing, Axle, Ball Bearing, Band Assembly, Base Assembly, Battery, Bearing Bush, Bellows, Bevel Gear, Booster Assembly, Boss Assembly, Bracket Assembly, Bush, bushing, Casing Assembly, Clamp Assembly, Clip Assembly, Collar Assembly, Connector Assembly, Cover Plate, Diode, Dowel Pin, Electrical Wire used in Tank, End Mill, Fanuc Fuse, Fixture for Assembly, Flange, Gasket Assembly, Gasket Rubber, All type of Gauge, Gear Box, Gusset Plate, Hinge Assembly, Hose Assembly, All type of Hydraulic items used in tank, Insert carbide, Jig Drill, Knob Assembly, Latch Assembly, Leather washer, Lock Assembly, Mandrel Assembly, Milling Fixture, Needle Bearing, Nozzle Assembly, Oil Seal, Panel Assembly, Pipe Assembly, Planet Pinion, Plate Assembly, Plug Gauge, Retainer Steel, Rib Assembly, Shaft Assembly, Shim, Sleeve Assembly, Spacer, Spindle Steel, All types of spring, Stiffener, Stop Steel, Stopper Steel, Strap Assembly, Strip Assembly, Sub-Assemblies, Support Assembly, Thyristor, Torsion Bar, Tube Assembly, Turret, Twist Drill, Valve Assembly, Washer( Rubber made or Steel made), Wedge, Worm Wheel, Worm Gear, Worm Shaft, Yoke Assembly. 5. If the vendor is supplying parts under an HSN code other than 87100000, is it necessary that it has to be supplied under the same HSN code on what the vendor is charging? 20/04/2020 pdf
Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited 1.GST applicability on the transactions between TANGEDCO Ltd. & TANTRANSCO Ltd 2.Applicability of GST on Deposit Contribution Works 3.Whether TANGEDCO ltd can be considered a “Government Entity” 4.Applicability of GST on Transmission Charges for Natural Gas 20/04/2020 pdf